Perfect Practice Makes Perfect

My philosophy is simple. It’s teamwork. I work with your innate swing and perfect it with the right set-up. From there, it’s up to you to perfect it through perfect practice.

Hi! I ‘m Ray Boone.

Ray Boone is a PGA Professional in Miami Beach, FL. The PGA of America comprises 27,000 men and women professionals with one singular goal in mind – to make the game of golf more enjoyable for you. Ray was recognized by the PGA receiving the formidable 2010 PGA President’s Council on Growing the Game

I’ve been teaching golf for over 30 years. I love my job.



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The Trackman is the most technologically advanced launch monitor, that offers 26 measurements of ball flight, clubface, and swing path analysis.

It provides an exact measurement of angle of attack, swing path, club face alignment, launch angles, club head speed, ball spin rate and much more.
Using Trackman numbers along with V One video analysis allows the instructor to be more accurate in diagnosing the students swing issues. Using cameras alone, leaves the instructor guessing on how much a student is swinging from inside out or outside in, along with all the other measurements.


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Private Instruction

1 hour of private instruction with V1 Video Analysis and lesson emailed to you » $150 / 5-hour package $600

Junior Golf

Junior Golf- $100 per hour and you can share with a second child


The best players in world rely on TrackMan for its accuracy and reliability. From swing analytics to gaming applications and benchmarking tools – the best use TrackMan to improve their game. Having access to reliable swing and ball flight data is essential to improving your game in an efficient way.

 Add $25/lesson

Golf Schools

1 Day Golf School- 5 hours of instruction, all videos emailed to students- $500 add a second student for $250

2 Day Golf School- $1000, add a second student for $500

3 Day Golf School- $1500, add a second student for $750

Corporate Events

Customize your next Corporate Golf event with Golf Instruction and On-Course Playing. Contact me to learn more


Ray Boone Golf Academy’s world class instructional programs can be customized for corporate events, meetings, outings and other business needs. To schedule a special event please call 305.322.3098 or email us at


On the last day of Bela’s summer golf camp, Ray invited us to take one lesson with him so that we could understand how he teaches and how he leverages leading edge technologies to accelerate learning and improve your game. Fifteen minutes into the first lesson I was sold. Ray showed Bela her swing on video, analyzed it, and compared it side by side with Stacey Lewis, Jordan Speith, and Ben Hogan. He then spent about 3 minutes working through what it should feel like as she swings. No kidding…in 3 minutes Ray got Bela to do what the other pro and the summer camp leaders could not get her to do in 3 weeks. When we got home from the lesson, I received an email and text from Ray notifying me that the lesson was now posted in Bela’s online locker. There it was…the key takeaways as recorded during the lesson. Bela now watches her lessons before practicing as a reminder of what she has to work on. In just one month, I can tell you that the impact has been profound, and that we have no plans of ever working with anyone but Ray.Dustin Irwin, PGA / Director of Golf TURNBERRY ISLE MIAMI

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